Consumer's Energy Smart Energy Program is Coming to Saginaw Township

Consumers Energy will be installing upgraded meters in Saginaw Township in order to improve customer service and provide new tools to help customers make better-informed energy choices.  This means no more estimated bills.  You will be able to monitor your energy use online and save money.  This will also help to inform Consumer’s Energy of any power outages faster so they can respond quicker.

Here are some things you may expect regarding the installation:

  • You will be notified 30 days prior to the installation at your residence. 
  • The day of the installation, a service technician will arrive at your residence in a marked vehicle, wearing a safety vest and will have an ID badge. 
  • The installer will knock on your door to notify you of their arrival.  At this time you may wish to shut off your electronics. 
  • The installation will take approximately 5-10 minutes – during that time you may be without power.
  • The installer will leave a door hanger when the installation is complete.

To learn more about the benefits of Consumer’s Energy Smart Energy Program visit or call (888) 862-2199.