Typically, the raising of small livestock animals, including chickens, is not permitted on residential properties within Saginaw Township.  Only in specific cases and in areas zoned appropriately is this allowed.

From the Zoning Ordinance:

Uses permitted by “right” in properties zoned A-2 (Agricultural.):
“Specialized farming including the raising and keeping of small animals and livestock, provided that such livestock are fenced in or otherwise prevented from roaming at large off premises.” (Sec 902.3)

Under special conditions for properties zoned R-1A (Residential Suburban Low Density):
“Customary farm animals except swine, poultry, rabbits, etc., and dogs other than household pets may be kept on a noncommercial basis when adequately housed and fenced on a parcel of land not less than five acres.” (Sec 1103.4.d)

Please contact the Community Development Department or consult the Zoning Ordinance for further information.