Contact Saginaw Township

Saginaw Township Hall is located at:

4980 Shattuck Rd
P.O. Box 6400
Saginaw, MI 48603-2963, US
Map to the Saginaw Township Hall

Phone: 989-791-9800
Fax: 989-791-9815
Business Hours 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Please note that all Freedom of Information requests to Saginaw Township must be made in writing and must be delivered via United States Postal Service, email to the Township Manager or the request may be  hand delivered to the Office of the Township Manager.  

FOIA Request Form

General Information, Inquiries Including Trash & Recycling Information
Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees Home Page

Supervisor's Office
Timothy Braun, Township Supervisor
Email the Supervisor's Office

Supervisor's Home Page

Clerk's Office
Jon Howell, Township Clerk
Email the Clerk
Clerk's Office Home Page
Treasurer's Office
Steven G. Gerhardt, Township Treasurer
Email the Treasurer
Treasurers Office Home Page
Township Manager's Office
Brian Rombalski, Township Manager
Email the Manager's Office
Manager's Home Page
Assessor's Office
Treena Chick, Director of Assessing
Email the Assessor's Office
Assessors Office Page
Community Development
(includes Building, Planning, Zoning & Code Enforcement)
Bill Schutt, Director of Community Development
Email the Building Department
Email the Planning Department
Community Development Page
Department of Public Services
Daryl Gotham, Director of Public Works
Email the Director
Public Services Home Page
Fire Department
989-792-9691 (administrative office)
Chris Van Loo, Fire Chief
Email the Fire Department
Fire Department Home Page

Fiscal Services
Heather Kuebler, Director of Fiscal Services
Email the Fiscal Services Department
Fiscal Services Home Page
Police Department
989-793-2310 (administrative office)
Scott Malace, Police Chief
Email the Police Department
Police Dept. Home Page
Recreation Department
Linda Buska, Recreation Manager
Email the Recreation Department
Parks & Recreation Home Page
Water Department
Water Dept. Page

Mid Michigan Waste Authority
989-781-9555 (phone)
989-781-9559 (fax)

Residential Refuse & Recycling Information