Refuse & Yard Waste Program Details

All materials must be at the curb by 7 a.m. on day of service.  If refuse materials are not properly prepared, the garbage hauler will tag item(s) and leave them at the curb.  Trash allotment in the curbside rubbish program is based on typical one household weekly activities.  No eviction, clean-out or move-out set outs allowed. 

For removal of materials not covered by MMWA's residential solid waste service, look in the Yellow Pages under "Rubbish" for a commercial refuse hauler.


  • Unlimited number of bags or cans of household-generated garbage allowed each week.
  • Refuse must be in bags or cans no larger than 35 gallons or 50 lbs. each; bags must be securely fastened.
  • Set out weekly at curb by 7 a.m. on your assigned service day.  Call municipality for assigned service day.
  • Do NOT place any refuse materials in cardboard boxes.  All boxes must be flattened and cut to 2'x3'.

Yard Waste:

  • Includes grass clippings, sod without dirt, twigs (less than 2" diameter), leaves, etc.  No root balls, stumps or larger branches.
  • Place in 35 gallon or smaller can or paper yard waste bag.  No bag/can may weigh more than 50 lbs; must not protrude more than 6" above container
  • Please close bag(s) and use lids.
  • Cans need a "Yard Waste" sticker; bags may need tag (call your municipality for details).  Yard Waste stickers are available at the Township Government Offices.
  • Weekly collection on refuse day, April through the first week in December.
  • One bundle of brush may be collected curb side per week. The branches should be 2" in diameter or less and tied up in a 3x4' bundle.  Additional branches can be taken to the Township brush site on scheduled days and times. See township calendar for scheduled times.

Bulky Items:

  • Any item exceeding 50 lbs. or a 35 gal. bag/can is considered a bulky item.
  • No more than two (2) bulky items allowed per week, such as mattresses, furniture, appliances, carpet rolls.
  • Set out on regular collection day; do NOT call in.
  • Carpet must be cut into 4' rolls, tied up and weigh less than 50 lbs. each.
  • No construction / remodeling debris allowed.
  • No items with gas tanks / engines allowed.
  • Whole tires are not allowed; do not place at curb.
  • Heavy items will be tagged by garbage hauler for later collection - LEAVE AT CURB!

Other Large Items:

Large items, such as auto parts, whole garage doors, landscape timbers, building materials, assembled swing sets and picnic tables, etc. are not considered a Bulky Item under the MMWA program.  Contact a commercial garbage hauler for removal, listed under "Rubbish" in the Yellow Pages.

Missed Pick-Ups:

Contact MMWA at 989-781-9555 with information regarding the missed material(s).  Provide your name, street address, the community you live in and phone number so that staff can accurately process the information.

A material pick-up is considered missed if properly prepared materials, placed at the curb by the 7 a.m. set-out time, are left with no sticker.  Late or improperly prepared set outs are not a miss and will not be collected