Public Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Who maintains the local roads in Saginaw Charter Township?

  • Saginaw County Road Commission is responsible for snow clearing and upkeep of the local roads in Saginaw Charter Township. Questions or concerns can be addressed by calling 752-6140 or by visiting their web site at

There is a streelight out on my street. Who do I report that to? 

  • All street lights are maintained by Consumers Energy. Consumers Energy can be contacted at 1-800-477-5050 or by clicking on the outage center link  to report on line.  Consumers Outage Center

When does yard waste pickup begin and end? 

  • 2021 Yard waste pickup will begin Monday April 5th and will run through November 30th. If you have additonal questions please contact the Michigan Waste Authority at 781-9555 or visit the website of The Mid Michigan Waste Authority .

What are the hours of the Township brush site? 

  • The  2021 Brush Site Hours are as follows:
  • Spring Hours: April 10th thru May 30th. Saturday and Sunday 9am-3pm
  • Summer Hours: June 19th & 20th, July 17th & 18th, August 21st & 22nd. Saturday and Sunday 9am-3pm.
  • Fall Hours: September 4th- November 28th.  Saturday and Sunday  9am-3pm.

 This site, which is located next to 5790 W. Michigan Ave is for Township Residents only, no commercial haulers, No yard waste, root balls, stumps or branches larger then 6 inches in diameter are accepted. 

 I have a DIY outdoor project to do. Who do I contact for utility staking?

  • Know what's below before you dig! Visit the Miss Dig website to get more information: 

 I have a  drain that is plugged or slow draining. Who is responsible?

  • Back yard drains are private and were installed by the subdivision's developer.  The drain may be plugged by sediment and debris. If you cant get it cleared on your own ,you may want to contact a local sewer cleaning company to come out and run the line.
  • Front yard and road drains are maintained by Saginaw County Road Commission and Saginaw County Public Works. 
  • Saginaw County Road Commission  (989) 752-6140
  • Saginaw County Public Works (989) 790-5258