Property Disposal Listing

Property Disposal

The Saginaw Township Police Department utilizes this area to list any property that is in the process of disposal.


Currently no automobiles scheduled for disposal.

Miscellaneous Property

Currently no miscellaneous property scheduled for disposal.


Currently there are no weapons scheduled for disposal.

Pursuant to state law, the Saginaw Township Police Department will be giving public notice of its intent to dispose of the weapons. These weapons have been held in evidence after being found, recovered or taken for safe keeping. The owner of each weapon is either unknown or cannot be located. These weapons will be disposed of in accordance with MCL 750.239a no sooner than 30 days after the initial posting of this notice.

Any person believing they are the lawful owner of any of the listed items, must contact Lt.. Rick Herren at the Saginaw Township Police Department.  Lt. Herren may be reached by calling (989) 793-2310.  Proof of ownership will be required to claim any weapon listed.