Property Management

Evidence & Property Returns

The Saginaw Township Police Department accumulates a great deal of property during the course of conducting our daily business. It is important for residents to understand how and if property may be returned to them.

The Property Manager handles the cataloging, classification and release of property maintained by STPD.

No items that are known to be illegal substances will be returned to any person (or the persons representative).

In the instance where a citizen has an inquiry regarding their property release it should be noted that a detective or the investigating officer must authorize a release.

Below are guidelines for some common property related matters.


Property scheduled for disposal is now conveniently located on the STPD website. When available, information on vehicles, miscellaneous articles, and weapons that are available for bid or sale can be located here.


All vehicles released by the Saginaw Township Police Department are expected to be properly registered and insured at the time of release. If a registered owner cannot produce a proof of insurance or current registration certificate, the vehicle may still be released but the registered owner may incur additional charges to have the vehicle towed home.


A vehicle impounded by the Saginaw Township Police Department is normally transported to one of three local towing companies;

Mike's Wrecker
Kreager Towing
Best Recovery

In order for any of the towing companies to release a vehicle the REGISTERED OWNER must obtain a release slip from the Saginaw Township Police Department. Once a release slip is obtained, the registered owner may contact the towing company and obtain the vehicle once all fees are paid. The Saginaw township Police Department does not set prices for towing or storage and we have no say as to what the registered owner will be charged by the towing service.


A registered owner that has been served with forfeiture papers on their vehicle will have to make contact with the Saginaw Township Police Department's Investigations Division in order to find out the disposition of their vehicle. If the vehicle was impounded by a detective assigned to a multi-jurisdiction unit, the towing company should have a record of what unit that is. Contact needs to be with that unit in order to obtain a settlement on the vehicle


Weapons used in the commission of a crime will not be returned unless special circumstances are involved and the Lieutenant in charge of the Investigations Divisions authorizes the release.

Weapons held for safe keeping due to a domestic violence situation may not always be released depending on the action taken by the courts.

Weapons belonging to victims of a crime such as burglary, may be returned once they are properly documented by the investigator or officer in charge.


Unregistered bicycles will be required to be registered prior to being released per Saginaw Township Ordinance.


From time to time property is recovered or abandoned at the Saginaw Township Police Department. After diligent efforts have been made to locate an owner and no owner is found, those items of value may be auctioned off. The auctions may take place online or placed into the semiannual township wide auction.


Many times items recovered in an investigation are returned after processing. This is handled by the detective or officer in charge. There are times that the items may have residual substances on them from processing by the crime scene technicians. The Saginaw Township Police Department is not responsible for cleaning or restoring items the to the condition that the owner may remember them to be prior to their recovery.