STPD Administration

Chief Malace 1

Scott A. Malace became Chief of Police for the Saginaw Township Police Department on January 10th, 2022.

After serving active duty in the U.S. Army Military Police Corp, Chief Malace joined the Saginaw Township Police Department in 1993.

While with the Saginaw Township Police Department, Chief Malace was assigned to the road division from 1994 thru 2011.  He served in several different capacities to include being a certified mountain bike officer, an Emergency Medical Technician, a Field Training Officer, a Field Training Supervisor, an Honor Guard member, a member of the Critical Incident Debriefing Team, and as a road sergeant from 2003 thru 2011. 

In 2011 he transferred from the road division as a supervisor to the detective division serving as the Detective Sergeant for the Crime Prevention Unit until he was promoted to lieutenant in 2020 at which time he oversaw the Investigative Division. 

Chief Malace also served 21 years on the Saginaw Emergency Services Team (S.W.A.T.) in a variety of roles to include; an entry team member, a sniper, a Team Leader, and a Team Commander.    

Chief Malace has attended various leadership courses throughout his career to include the Law Enforcement Executive Leadership Institute and the Michigan Police Executive Development Seminar.  He also holds a Bachelor’s degree from Ferris State University in Criminal Justice and is a graduate of the 285th FBI National Academy.



Lt. Herren

Lt. Herren began his career in law enforcement in 1995 and joined the Saginaw Township Police Department in 2003.  At the Saginaw Township Police Department, Lt Herren has worked as a road patrol officer, as a detective assigned to the surveillance unit, and as a Patrol Sergeant.  Lt. Herren has also accepted a number of assignments outside his normal duties.  While assigned to the road patrol division, Lt. Herren spent 9 years assigned to the field training unit as both a training officer and supervisor.  He was also a certified police mountain bike operator and investigator for the Medical Examiner’s office.  Lt. Herren served with the Emergency Services Team for 10 years in a number of roles, including training officer, entry team member, sniper, Team Leader and Acting Team Commander.  Lt. Herren continues to serve as Saginaw Township’s lead use of force instructor, where he manages the firearms and tactics training program and coordinates instruction provided by 8 use of force instructors. 

Lt. Herren holds a bachelor’s degree from Ferris State University and attended the police academy at Delta College.  Lt. Herren is a graduate of the 266th session of the FBI National Academy Law Enforcement Executive Leadership Institute.  He has attended over 100 training courses in his career and specializes in police use of force issues, weapons and tactics training, and supervision.

Lt. Herren's responsibilites include; Overseeing daily activites of the investigative division, F.O.I.A coordinator, Federal & State audits, background investigations, legal updates, investigations budget & public information officer.


Lt. Rich

Lt. Richis the patrol lieutenant who was promoted to the ranks of lieutenant in January of 2022.

Lt. Rich was promoted to the position of Sergeant in 2014. Lt. Rich is a class III breathalyzer operator.  Each month he certifies that our preliminary breath tests are calibrated to meet specific standards for court purposes.

Lt. Rich's responsibilites include; Overseeing daily activies of the day and night shift patrols, fleet management, uniforms and equipment, parking enforcement, L.E.I.N coordinator, patrol budget and public information officer.

Lt. Rich has previously served as one of our crime scene technicians and a lead training officer.  Lt. Rich was also a member of the Saginaw Township Police Department motorcycle unit.

Lt. Rich is only one of two officers from STPD to be named the Exchange Club "Officer of the Year" twice:  1999 & 2007.


Lt. Myers

Lt. Myers was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant in January of 2022.

He was promoted to the position of Sergeant in 2015. Lt. Myers has served as a road patrol officer and Field Training Officer.  He was a member/supervisor of the multi-agency Emergency Services Team.

Lt. Myers responsibilites include; Accreditation Manager, Training Coordinator, Technical Services, Equipment Managment, Department Audits, Internal Affairs Investigations, & Recruiting and Retention.

Lt. Myers is a graduate of Alma College where he played for the football team.  In 2012, Lt. Myers was named the Exchange Club "Officer of the Year.