Parks & Recreation

Park Rules

All vehicles are restricted to the parking lot at all times. Do not park on grass areas. 

All refuse must be put in trash containers. 

No building of an open fire on the lawn or elsewhere.

No disrespectful behavior such as loud music, or abusive behavior toward other park visitors.

Any person having the possession, care, custody of any dog(s) are not permitted to run at large within the parks unless attached to a leash so that the dog(s) is kept under control. Pet owners must also provide clean-up after their animals.

It is unlawful to sell, rent, erect, or attempt to sell or rent any service, merchandise or any object in any park without first obtaining township park approval and entering into a lease agreement with the township.

Any person or organization who shall cause damage or injury to a park facility shall pay to the township any costs incurred by the township as a result of such loss, damage or injury.