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2024 Annual Wages

  • Starting Uncertified- $46,424
  • Starting Certified- $51,066
  • Six (6) Months - 62,526
  • One (1) Year - $65,261
  • Two (2) Years - $69,371
  • Three (3) Years - $76,153
  • Five (5) Years- $78,803

There are also opportunities to earn more through extra duties (i.e. FTO, Training Instructor, Acting Supervisor, etc.), overtime details, and there is a night shift premium which adds additional pay for the night shift officers.



As a full time Township Employee, covered by a collective bargaining agreement, you are entitled to the following benefits:

  • Health and Dental / Optical Insurance- Blue Cross Blue Shield (Multiple Options)
  • Retiree Health Care Savings Plan- MERS
  • Retiree Medigap Insurance
  • Short Term Disability
  • Long Term Disability
  • Life Insurance
  • Pension- MERS- Municipal Employees Retirement System - Defined Benefit
  • Vacation- 176 hours–256 hours based on length of service
  • Funeral Leave
  • Cleaning / Clothing Allowance
  • College Education Bonus- Bachelors Degree & Masters Degree
  • Holidays- Time and one-half (1-1/2) will be paid for hours worked with 13 designated holidays. 
  • Health Savings Account / Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account- A voluntary salary redirection plan. Pretax payroll deductions can be used to pay for certain medical and dependent care expenses.
  • Employee Assistance Program- Child and Family Service of Saginaw
  • COBRA- Continuation of health insurance coverage is offered to covered employees and their covered dependents if their coverage would otherwise end due to certain qualifying events. Continuation of coverage will be subject to monthly payment of premiums by the covered individuals.



The Saginaw Township Police Department is always accepting applications for employment. Applications are reviewed for qualifications and then retained on file for up to one year. Applications are available here, from the Saginaw Township Police Department, or through the Saginaw Township governmental offices.

The personal requirements for all persons to apply and be considered for employment are as follows:

  • United States citizen
  • Minimum age of 21 years
  • Be licensed or able to be licensed through the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards (M.C.O.L.E.S.)
Once an application has been accepted for consideration, the applicant will be placed into a testing pool and applicants will be notified of the next testing period. Once the applicant takes and passes the written portion of the testing process, he/she will be advised of the next step; the interview. If the applicant is still in consideration for employment following the interview process, he/she will be notified. At that time the applicant will be required to submit to a background investigation packet. During this time the applicant will also be required to complete ride-a-long with at least two different Field Training Officers. Those officers will submit a written evaluation of the applicant to the hiring board.

If an applicant receives a conditional offer of employment, he/she will be required to submit to and pass the following:

  • A physical examination
  • A psychological examination
  • A drug screen
  • Eye exam and vision test
  • Completion of the M.C.O.L.E.S. licensing process
  • Complete all requirements and objectives with the Field Training Unit's training program
  • Complete all requirements during probationary period


  • Must be MCOLES certified, certifiable, or have the ability to become so by attending a police academy. 
  • Experience: No previous law enforcement experience required.  Military experience preferred, but not mandatory.
  • Knowledge, Skills, Abilities: Knowledge of traffic and criminal law, investigations, law enforcement procedures, laws of the State of Michigan, department policies and procedure, self-defense, first aid, and psychology.  Good writing skills and verbal communication skills.  Ability to use tact and diplomacy and understand people from all social/economic and cultural backgrounds.  Ability to drive automobile. 
  • Physical/Mental Requirements: Visual acuity to read, proofread, fill out forms and drive.  Manual dexterity to use weapons, radar equipment, radio, and computers.  Hearing acuity to listen and communicate in person, on radio, and on the phone.  Ability to speak clearly and distinctly.  Ability to handle stress.  Ability to perform a multitude of different physically demanding tasks.  Mental capacity to analyze data, use logic and sound judgement, and make sound decisions.  


  • Responds to dispatched calls or complaints of various natures such as domestic disputes, thefts, assaults, traffic crashes, etc. generally in assigned districts.
  • Patrols assigned roadways to observe traffic for violations, stranded motorists, stolen vehicles and other irregularities, issues traffic citations and arrests violators as necessary. Serves as a crime deterrent by being present in assigned areas.
  • Follows up and completes investigations of routine complaints and assists in investigation of serious crimes. Makes arrests where warranted. 
  • Responds to traffic crashes to render first aid to the injured, routes traffic around scene and investigates the cause of the crash. May photograph scene, take measurements, and gather other evidence to determine which party is at fault.
  • Prepares detailed reports of complaints, arrests, crashes, and other investigations. Completes a daily log of activity. 
  • Checks business establishments and other buildings after hours to ensure proper security. Performs bar checks of licensed liquor establishments and cites any noted violations.
  • Serves civil and criminal papers as necessary. Transports and lodges prisoners.
  • Uses various devices to apprehend subjects such as radar and breathalyzer equipment.
  • Searches for evidence at crime scenes and other places and prepares for presentation of evidence and testimony in court. Interrogates arrested subjects and interviews suspects, witnesses, and victims of crime. 
  • Works with juveniles, investigates crimes and problems of youth 17 years of age and younger.
  • Attends training, meetings, workshops, and conferences to maintain proficiency in law enforcement.

Equal Employment Opportunity:

The Saginaw Township Police Department is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Applications for positions will be considered without regard to sex, race, color, religion, national orgin, age, marital or veteran status, the presence of a non-job related medical condition or handicap, or any other legally protected status.


How To Submit Your Electronic Application:

Once you have completed the fillable application, save the completed PDF and e-mail the application along with a resume and cover letter to BOTH and

To download a fillable copy of the Saginaw Township employment application, click on the following link: Employment Application.