2017 Spring Aerial Larviciding Program

Saginaw County Mosquito Abatement Commission's (SCMAC) Spring Aerial Larviciding Program for the control of mosquitoes breeding in seasonally flooded woodlots will begin the week of April 17th weather permitting.

This program involves an aerial contractor, Al's Aerial Spraying from Ovid, Michigan.  This contractor has six fixed wing aircrafts that will be conducting low level (25 feet above treetops) aerial application over large areas of Saginaw County.  For your convenience, here is a map that indicates which woodlots will be larvicided (treated pattern-green) and those that will not be larvicided (no treat-pattern-red).  

Bti Distribution Program:  Residents may contact SCMAC to receive Bti.  It is important to verify larvae are present prior to treating.  Bti products do not have a residual; therefore if no larvae are present, DO NOT TREAT.  Click here to read the Vectobac G Bti label.

For further information, please contact SCMAC at (989)755-7571 or visit their website at www.scmac.org.